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A Product ordering

1. Items can be ordered on “Pagrabs” website by registering and filling out the order form, which after the order is placed, makes it possible to follow the progress of order.

Registering on our website will give you the opportunity to add one or more items to Shopping bag, view past purchasing history, enter multiple shipping addresses, and choose your preferred method of delivery, more convenient and faster to buy goods and to correct your data.

2. Items can also be ordered with a purchase order, sending it by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

When ordering indicate required product, accurate shipping address and contact phone number.

3. On receipt of the product, please check whether you received the selected product in right assembly and quality.

B Payment Options

1. For the product must be paid in advance on the basis of prepaid billing, which the customer receives after order confirmation. Prepayment can be paid by non-cash payment through online banking or using the services of a bank branch.

2. Clients outside Latvia can settle prepayment via PAYPAL service, based on the prescribed prepayment invoice.

3. Post Payment method is possible only with the prior agreement of the products which are in the “Pagrabs” store.

4. A payment can be made in person at “Pagrabs” store in cash or by bank card.

C Delivery

1 “Pagrabs” offers delivery of products according to the delivery period of the list throughout the Latvia and the European Union territory, through the supplier of the customer’s choice.

2. “Pagrabs” offers to get the products at their store on weekdays from 10am to 4pm.

D Warranty

1. Warranty conditions are described in a separate section.

2. The warranty for purchased product is valid only upon presenting the purchase document (receipt, invoice, PNS order or bank certified payment order).

3. Within the warranty period products are accepted in “Pagrabs” store. Expenses related to the delivery of products to “Pagrabs” store, covers customer.

E Other conditions

  1. The purchase agreement in Latvian Republic is governed by Latvian Republic Cabinet of Ministers 20 May 2014 Regulation No. 255 "Regulations on distance contracts". It states that the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 (fourteen) calendar days and in online store purchased product is returned to “Pagrabs” store.
  2. Each buyer may use the right and return products within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt, if products or services do not meet the terms of the contract. According to the Consumer Protection Law Article 14:
  1. 1The product does not meet the terms of the contract, provided that:
  2. it does not meet the requirements in regulatory enactments or technical specification documents, as well as normally expected requirements - it does not possess the characteristics and performance which normally have the same kind of products and which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the goods;
  3. it is not valid for the purposes laid down in documents or the technical certificate, but in their absence - the purpose for which the same name and description products are commonly used;
  4. it is not valid for the purpose for which the consumer has chosen the product and which is directly or indirectly informed to the vendor when concluding the contract, except when during the time of sale the vendor could not comprehend such specific purpose and the consumer was not justified to rely on vendor expertise and judgment;
  5. it does not comply with the characteristics or its equipment does not correspond to the assemblage, which during concluding contract or presenting offer vendor has presented by product samples or models;
  6. it is not packaged, but packaging is necessary in order to protect the product from damage or deterioration;
  7. its information is misleading, false, incomplete or ambiguous (illegible) or is not provided at all, so the product can not be used for the purpose intended or it causes or may cause danger to the consumers property, health, life or the environment;
  8. it is a fake.

2.2. The service does not meet the terms of the contract, provided that:

  1. Delivery of service is not complied with the laws and regulations or normative document requirements or has other defects;
  2. the product or service is not considered to be non-compliant with terms of the contract, if before concluding contract consumer has received a written warning on the product or service to be of inadequate quality or improper quality is due to customer supplied materials, except in cases where the service provider as a professional should have known that and warn consumers in writing.
  1. its information is misleading, false, incomplete or ambiguous (illegible) or is not provided at all, so the product can not be used for the purpose intended or it causes or may cause danger to the consumers property, health, life or the environment;

3. According to the Consumer Protection Law Article 12, "the right of withdrawal the consumer is entitled to a specified period to unilaterally withdraw from the treaty (refuse orders) without paying a penalty, interest or compensation for losses."

    1. The product is returned undamaged and with all its equipment, presenting the purchase receipt;
    2. It's not a hygiene product (such as underwear, etc.);
    3. It comply with the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers 20 May 2014 Regulation No. 255 "Regulations on distance contracts" 22 point criteria.

5. You have the right not to accept the product on delivery time, if it is damaged or has damaged packaging, or its appearance and packaging may not meet the ordered.

6. On “Pagrabs” website published rules are part of the purchase contract.

7. When the right of withdrawal of product is used, the product has to be delivered to “Pagrabs” store during office hours.

8. When refusing the product, payment for delivery of product will not be refunded, except in cases where the cheapest delivery way was used.

9. More detailed information on consumer rights and the procedure for Submission and Review of Consumer Claims on as per contract inadequate products or services you can get: http://www.ptac.gov.lv/.

10. All “Pagrabs” rules apply to any “Pagrabs” internet store user and is valid placing any order.

11. By registering on “Pagrabs” website, the visitor confirms that he has read and agrees to all the terms set out in the “Pagrabs” section - How to Shop. All the data provided by the customer will be used to fulfill customer orders and delivery of products in accordance with Republic of Latvia laws and regulations. Data protection is provided in accordance with personal data protection regulations.

12. By completing the order form in “Pagrabs” website, the customer agrees that to his e-mail will be sent out statements related solely to the client's registration and order processing, unless the customer has agreed to additional information.

13. Payment settlement in “Pagrabs” store is in EUR. The customer upon choosing another currency, assumes the cost of currency conversion to EUR.

14 “Pagrabs” reserves the right not to deliver the products, if the customer has not made the payment.

15. Product prices and offers in “Pagrabs” store may be changed without prior notice.

16 “Pagrabs” displayed product prices, descriptions and pictures are only informative. Product parameters or packaging may be changed in accordance with the manufacturer's certain changes.

17. Any information republication without reference to the “Pagrabs” without prior consent is prohibited.