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In order to receive only joy from purchased products and not a disappointment, please carefully read the warranty terms and conditions:

  1. All “pagrabs” products are given manufacturer / distributor's warranty, the duration of which depends on the specific / dealer rules. Warranty terms for each product is set individually, but the warranty period shall not be less than 2 years. Before use of the item, please carefully read the product instructions and manufacturer's warranty terms and conditions.
  2. The warranty for purchased product is valid only upon presenting the purchase document (receipt, invoice, pns order or bank certified payment order).
  3. It is prohibited to make any changes, delete or rewrite specified data in purchase document - in this case, the document will be declared as void, and “pagrabs” employee will have the right to refuse to accept product under warranty.
  4. Within the warranty period products are accepted in “pagrabs” store. Expenses related to the delivery of products to “pagrabs” store, covers buyer.
  5. Warranty does not apply if:
    1. Buyer is unable to produce the purchase document or produced documents is damaged to the extent where its content can not be understood;
    2. Product have been self repaired or altered;
    3. Product damages are caused by water, materials, liquids, foreign objects or insects entering the items inside (do not apply to items for which the appropriate resistance applys);
    4. The product is not used as per manufacturer's manual;
    5. This product is used with non-standard accessories;
    6. The product has been damaged due to sudden temperature changes, other household and external factors (dust, dirt, long-lasting moisture, etc.);
    7. Has not been carried out regular maintenance, which is indicated in the manufacturer's manual;
    8. product damage caused by natural disasters (floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquakes);
    9. product for personal (household, family) needs, used for profit, production or other inadequate purposes;
    10. Product serial number has been altered, deleted, or it is not possible to determine it or items is not recognizable.
  6. Warranty does not cover wearing parts, natural wear and tear, extra equipment and accessories, which are part of item.